Interdisciplinary Association for Research for Bilingual Children

The Be-Rise association brings together parents involved in a bilingual education project. Some of these parents are professionals in education, childhood development or even in the health or social sector.

Aurélie Fontaine, Professor of Schools in bilingual classes and Yamine Boudemagh, President of  « Français du Monde Thaïlande », direct the association. Dr. Frank Scola coordinates the Scientific Committee and serves as secretary.

Faced with persistent misconceptions and insufficient training for professionals, the Be-Rise association offers training modules for parents, teachers, and caregivers.

Childhood is only experienced once. Language function is crucial for the cognitive, emotional, and identity development of the child; it is essential for school and extra-curricular knowledge as well as for the socialization of the child.

60% of the world’s children are multilingual!

Research on bilingual education has changed a lot recently. However, the findings of the research suggest that this information is being insufficiently employed in the field of bilingual childhood development.

The Be-Rise interdisciplinary association aims to fill these gaps. Our objectives are:

Support parents in their bilingual education goals

Specialize the training of bilingual classroom teachers

Adapt speech therapy to the specificities of the bilingual child

Encourage research for bilingual education

#BeRise #bilingualfernance #orthophonybilingualism #classicbilingual – with Yamine Boudemagh and Aurélie Fontaine.